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Whitewater Park and Play is back

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White water park and play are back!

And it looks a little different.  Paddlers will now require competency sign off to participate in these sessions.  This can take the form of relevant personal performance award or by an in house sign off by a member of the Pinkston team.  Sign offs available this Sunday, future dates TBC

Limited spaces this Sunday can be booked on our website –

Park and play will then return to a Saturday, with an evening day TBC at a later date.

Timeslots must be pre-booked

Info from booking system:

Park & Play at Pinkston Watersports is a great chance to get on the water, improve your skills and enjoy Scotland’s only whitewater centre!

White-water Park and play is available at a rate of £10 for 1 hour. It will run on 3 pumps.

There are staggered start times to reduce contact at access and egress points.

Unfortunately no changing rooms are currently available due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

Please be respectful of social distancing, current travel restrictions, and other current guidance.

Park and play is open to competent paddlers – you will either require to show evidence of competency (e.g. 3* or equivalent), or be signed off as competent by a member of the Pinkston team.

Please contact us if you require sign off as there may not be staff available at every session to do this.


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