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Emergency & Rescue Services

Pinkston’s Artificial White Water Course is Scotland’s first and only grade 2/3 white water centre based in the heart of Glasgow.  Pinkston is a fantastic location to support your Swift Water Rescue Training and help to recreate realistic rescue scenarios.  The course is managed by our well-trained staff team in the adjacent office and the course is quickly and easily adjusted to suit your training requirements at all times throughout your visit.  Every booking is always exclusively yours.  You don’t need to share the resource.

We price by the hour – therefore we can assure you of a cost-effective service, tailor made to your requirements.  Please call to find out more, arrange a site visit, check availability, and book your slots.

a group of people riding on the back of a boat
a person riding a snow board in the water

Why not book one of our classroom – we can supply meeting room essentials and of course refreshments on tap all day.

Operational hours – Pinkston open daily at 8.30am and closes at approximately 9pm.  However if you need to start early or replicate a scenario in the dark – please ask – we are always keen to help!

Rapidblock, fully adjustable flow, on a clean water basin with pumps at three different levels from wading practice to full on 7 cumecs. Pinkston offers a fully flexible white-water experience.

White water course available at £97 per hour, with classrooms available at £20 per hour -(daily rate £100).  We can supply pre-bookable lunches and all the services you may need for classroom-based learning – tea and coffee is of course complimentary throughout your visit.


a group of people on a raft in a body of water
a group of people riding on a raft in the water

Both private and public emergency and rescue services are made most welcome at Pinkston – we simply need to make sure you complete our external user procedures – this requires the booking organisation to delegate appropriate personnel on site who will be briefed and signed off in-house.  In addition the booking organisation will provide a signed declaration and an annual insurance update.

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