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Thank you for your support!

Pinkston is incredibly grateful for the support of a wide range of funders and supporters! In the early days the commitment for more than a dozen funders ensured the project got off the ground

our history - Scottish Canals

As the charity became more established, we have been able to start addressing issues such as capacity constraints, disabled access to our facilities and also overcoming barriers so participation such as deprivation, education recovery and mental health and wellbeing support.

Summer 2022 sees the staff team working on our Mental Health and Wellbeing programmes supported by GCVS supporting young people aged 16-18 in our local community. This programme offer young people skill building opportunities, options for accredited learning and spending time being active in the outdoors in small supportive groups.a group of people on a boat

Accessibility Pontoon 2022


2022 has been a transformative year with as step change in access with our new accessibility pontoon. This £90,000 investment was launched with a £22,264 grant from Suez Communities Trust. Three of our local council ward’s (Canal, Springburn/ Robroyston, and Maryhill Wards) allocated their Area Budget Grants to fund the installation of a hoist and access ladders. The Sport Scotland Facilities Fund (awarding national lottery funds) have been incredibly supportive and awarded £49,000 to allow the project to proceed. Our local diocese the St Nicholas have contributed £2,400 to let us purchase an adaptive equipment for all users to be able to access.

2020-2021 Pandemic Support

During 2021 we were awarded £40,064 from the Scottish Government Youth Work Education Recovery Fund to allow us to run a range of activities including homework clubs to promote engagement in learning, free sessions for local youth groups and a 2 week positive destinations program. This funding has allowed us to make significant progress in our work with local high schools.

Late in 2020 the Third Sector Adapt and Thrive Fund awarded us £25,000 to support our COVID recovery plans. This award has allowed us to provide lockers, open canoes and additional changing and storage facilities.

Early in 2020 during the 1st lockdown we received incredible support from the Andy Jackson Access Fund and also we received £3,600 of donations from our users, clubs and supporters .

Scottish Government Grant support and the Furlough scheme during later lockdowns proved vital.


Supporters prior to 2020 included support from Tesco Bags for Life (£3000 towards our homework clubs), the Bethany Christian Trust and Queens Cross Housing Associationa bridge over a body of water

Supporters and volunteers

We must also thank the many hundreds of people who have given their time, expertise, equipment donations and energy to support our work. Without this support the charity simply would not be able to operate. We are also grateful for the many companies and suppliers who have gone above and beyond to support us.