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Surviving Lockdown 2021 – Cameron

a close up of a snow covered field

The latest in our search for inspiration for local adventures comes from Pinkston regular, student, and freelance coach Cameron. Not even the snow can put him off in his search for paddling fix!

East Renfrewshire is home for Cameron, and here’s what he has to say:
“To break up the lockdown day to day routine of roll out of bed, late, join a lecture half awake that was the norm of last year I figured why not really go explore where I stay. Going for a plod around Whitelee forest on a snowy day was a surreal break from reality, heading far enough to be alone in the forest was amazing. During my travels I found a cool wee loch sparely populated by some wild swimmers so the next day got my boat and had a wee paddle about, there’s something about being outside and away from everything that’s really refreshing and gives me time for reflection and thinking. Being so close to home I couldn’t help but go back! It’s no pinkston but it’ll do for now, see yous on the water!”
We totally believe in the recognised 5 ways to well-being – connect – be active – take notice – give – keep learning. We would love to share as many stories as we can of how our community is doing this. If you would like your story to be up next please drop us a message!


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