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Short Course Update

a man swimming in the water

This is a little side project that has been completed by a small group of enthusiastic volunteers. The short course at Pinkston has been out of action for the majority of time that Pinkston has been open – the scene of varying projects, many many hours have been spent never drawing a conclusion in terms of a useable feature. With a bigger drop than the main river it has potential for bigger waterfalls and bigger challenge for paddlers looking to test their skills. Users of the site have visions of it offering a freestyle feature for the development of this exciting branch of paddlesports.

I am excited about having another aspect to what is already an amazing facility for Scotland, and humbled by the enthusiasm of volunteers passionate about their sport (in particular one freestyle paddler with a vision) that have made it happen.

Each change made to a whitewater feature impacts on the hydrology up and downstream. This makes planning changes incredibly time consuming. There is much trial and error, and while the rapidBlocs system is incredibly versatile it isn’t a quick and easy task to move things round. The complexities of the process aren’t widely understood, but nevertheless I am sure there will be many who share my excitement at this coming together at last.

Short course teaser on Vimeo


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