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October Phase 3 Update

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Despite some torrential rain over the weekend, we have still on the whole been blessed with sunshine and calm conditions for many sessions at Pinkston as we head into October. Pinkston continues to offer a break for many from the stresses and strains of the wider world. In terms of ongoing adjustments in recent weeks as we move through the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen little change, and as a result it has been a while since the last update was published.

Organized sport continues to be permitted subjected to Sports Scotland and SCA guidelines. This means that both group hire and direct delivery at Pinkston can continue. Physical distancing remains in place and we continue to encourage everyone to adhere to this – especially as the number of cases in the area continues to increase.

The toilets are open, and these are cleaned on a regular basis, but in line with current guidance changing remains closed. Please can you ensure that the toilets are not being used as a changing area as this has been causing problems in managing the site. The exception to indoor changing is for vulnerable groups – if this applies to your booking then please get in touch. We are able to book this space out for limited times depending on what other bookings are onsite.

Our risk assessment continues to be reviewed regularly – latest version here undefined

We have continued to see an increase in enquiries for courses and introductory sessions and are trying to balance the increased demand alongside regular group bookings. There has been a number of new faces on the staff team as we have developed to meet the demand that has presented itself, thank you to everyone for supporting them as they have transitioned into their new roles.

Park and play is now on 3 times a week – Monday, Friday, and Saturday. We will continue these timeslots for as long as there is an interest in doing so. Please book in advance wherever possible, and check the booking system before you come as times vary due to other bookings.

Thank you as always to all of you who continue to support Pinkston in so many ways, we are all looking forward to continuing to see you as we head into the darker months!

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Our Start Kayaking sessions are all about getting you on the water and experiencing the joys of kayaking in a safe and fun way. These adult sessions are for anyone over the age of 16 who want to get on the water and learn the basics of kayaking with basic skills and challenges. We use our great sit on top kayaks meaning that we have the best platform for learning skills without the challenges or fears of ‘getting stuck’.

This session includes your British Canoeing Paddle Start Certificate.