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Course Reconfiguration


Pinkston Watersports is home to Scotland’s ONLY Artificial White Water course. We are so proud of this and want as many people to be able to use the course as possible.

Since opening, our long course has seen whitewater kayakers, slalom competitions, film crews, fire and rescue services, white water rafters, and many many (unintentional) swimmers from all over the UK. What a BLAST we have had on our white water course so far….and things are going to get better! We are delighted to present to you our new long course layout!




The design has been discussed in length with representatives from all user groups, and we think we’ve come up with something pretty exciting and accessible for all.


diagram, engineering drawing


Changes will take place 5th/6th June and we are aiming for a team of 20 volunteers each day – if you are available and interested in volunteering please do get in touch!


Experience the thrills of Scotland’s only artificial whitewater course in an inflatable tube! This easily accessible activity will provide you with all the excitement of whitewater in a safe and controlled way. We reserve the right to curtail your session should you be unable to demonstrate safe swimming.  Safe swimming  – Safety Video