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Archive: Jul 2020

Whitewater Park and Play is back

White water park and play are back! And it looks a little different.  Paddlers will now require competency sign off to participate in these sessions.  This can take the form of relevant personal performance award or by an in house sign off by a member of the Pinkston team.  Sign offs available this Sunday, future…

Swimming FAQS

It’s great to see so many people interested in swimming – thank you to everyone who has come along and supported our charity! However, due to the level of interest combined with the reduced capacity we have found it difficult to keep on top of enquiries as they come in. We will do our best…

July Phase 2 Update – Open for Business

Now more than a month since we tentatively reopened for business, we have been overwhelmed with the interest in getting on and in the water.  It has been a real joy to see the happiness it has brought out in so many people to get back out doing the activities that are so important to…

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