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Surviving Lockdown 2021 – Robbie

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We are celebrating how our community is using the 5 ways to well-being to get through lockdown (connect – be active – take notice – give – keep learning)

To share your story please drop us a message. We would love to hear from you!
Next to share their story is Robbie, familiar face at Pinkston as an Adventure Sports student at Glasgow Kelvin College and as a freelance coach. Here is his story:
“I definitely feel as though this lockdown has been much harder than the previous 2020 lockdown. Learning online through a computer screen all day and with the weather being so terrible at the minute, I can struggle to find motivation to be active and be outside. I find just going for one walk a day even if it’s a short one for me has helped me massively to mentally. Playing football with my flatmates is a way I can mix it up from the usual daily stroll.

I’m not the type of person who enjoys spending lots of time indoors, so as you can imagine lockdown is very hard for me. I’m an Adventure Sports student currently, and a huge part of the course should of been the trips away and the practical elements which haven’t been happening anywhere near as much as we had hoped.

I am very fortunate that this year I have moved out with my two best friends, and without that I think this lockdown would have been a lot harder at home.

I can’t wait to be back in a kayak and to see you all back at Pinkston again for more in 2021!”


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