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Surviving Lockdown 2021 – Kyle

a person wearing a hat and a snow covered mountain

Our quest to celebrate how our community is using the 5 ways to well-being to get through lockdown (connect – be active – take notice – give – keep learning) has taken us on a virtual trip out of our local area and up to Fort William.  As a community of adventure seekers, we totally forgive envy at these pictures! Our community is widespread – for Kyle who spent the summer at Pinkston, the pursuit of studies means that he now calls Lochaber home. As enticing as this is please remember to #staylocal and #staysafe! Keep all activities well within your level of ability.

Here is Kyle’s story:
“Lockdown 2020/2021 – What a rollercoaster we have been on! During the first restriction way back in March 2020 it was pretty tough as it was all new and I found myself not doing much. I didn’t have much motivation for getting out into the outdoors and I missed kayaking a lot! So, I decided to build myself a pool with leftover wooden pallets from the work that was getting done on the house. My dad wasn’t too impressed when it burst and flooded the drive ha!

Moving on a few months later I had the opportunity to join the Pinkston freelance team. This was one of my best decisions as I have met and worked with some fantastic people. Whether that’s through coaching school kids, families, clubs, parties etc. I can’t thank everyone enough for creating one of the best summers in the worst times. Being part of Pinkston really brought back that motivation and drive to get back outside again. I would take my two younger twin sisters out kayaking and walking when I could.

Come September, I moved to Fort William to start my 3rd year at university. Where I have been out as much as I can, taking in the beauty and benefits the outdoors brings. Before the Christmas lock down I would go out with friends kayaking and explored the new area I lived in. But sadly now the new restrictions don’t really allow me to do this. However, I’m in the fortunate position that I live with my girlfriend Taylor, who is also an outdoor enthusiast. With the recent dumping of snow we have been out on the hills exploring and practicing our skills.

Now as we come out of winter, heading for spring and the new vaccine being rolled out. We can start to see the end. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again this summer at Pinkston. For another warm, wet and exciting time! See everyone soon!! Kyle”

We are celebrating how our community is using the 5 ways to well-being to get through lockdown (connect – be active – take notice – give – keep learning). To share your story please drop us a message!


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