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An Interview with Mhairi (“VARI”)

a man standing next to a body of water


Q. What is your life motto?

A. “Shake it off”

Q. What is your earliest memory?

A. “I swear I can remember being in the hospital after I was born but I think I’m actually remembering a photo haha! 2nd earliest memory – catching sticklebacks with my dad in a wee net down the river (and putting them straight back because I didn’t want to hurt them!)”

Q. What are the top 3 things you want to do in 2020?

A. “Deliver a healthy baby, laugh lots, and be good to myself!”

Q. What is your dream job?

A. “Spy. I’d be a great spy.….except a spy would never say that would they?”

Q. What is your pet peeve (what silly wee thing annoys you)?

A. “Wooden cutlery. Good for the environment but I just can’t stand it on my teeth!”

Q. Where do you want to go on holiday/travel to next?

A. “Top of the list is Alaska. Always has been and always will be (until I get there). Also Canada, New Zealand, and Peru are up there too.”

Q. If you could invite 3 people (dead or alive, real or fictional) round to yours for tea, who would you invite?

A. “Maggie Smith, Sandi Troksvig, and Gregory Porter”

Q. Best gift you’ve ever received?

A. “A black lab for my 7th birthday – I grew up with him and he was my best friend”

Q. Favourite song right now and why?

A. “Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker. There’s just no way you can be sad when that song is playing”

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Q.How do you spend a day off?

A. “These days I’m usually at the midwife! If I don’t have any medical appointments then I will try to visit my gran or my mum and dad, or go for a walk in nature somewhere. I need to meet up with friends more so trying to fit that in too!”

Q. Would you rather have feet for hands, or 3 noses?

A. “3 noses……how would you pick things up with feet hands?! At least I could wear a balaclava or something to cover the noses!”


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