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1st May 2020 -  Update

Update on Covid-19 Closure at Pinkston

For many of our regular users this time of lockdown will be one of frustrations, so we are thinking of you all as you face the challenges presented during this difficult time. At Pinkston we are mindful of the increased pressure that this situation is putting on so many, but also hopeful and looking to the future.

I have been brought back off furlough for a short time and we are lucky to have the ongoing support of Helen to keep the finances in order. The board have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we are in a strong place to come out the other side of this crisis. We also have 3 new board members, who will be familiar faces to many of you. John Montgomery (Glasgow Kelvin College), Graham Swanson (Drumchapel and Clydebank), and Catherine Brown (CR Cats) have joined the existing board and are providing ongoing support . Some of you will already have spoken to them as part of this process.

A big thank you is due to everyone who has donated to our Just Giving Campaign, or has been in touch with messages of support, information, and suggestions. It has been amazing reminder of the strength of the paddling community, and how important Pinkston is to so many people - we are collecting stories about this, so please get in touch if you would like to share what Pinkston means to you.

Pinkston remains closed to all users, maintaining access only for those who have containers. I would please request that you do not try to access the changing and toilet facilities which are not currently being cleaned or maintained. Please take any rubbish home with you as we are no longer having our bins emptied. I would also request that you follow current social distancing guidance and recommendations that we all refrain from paddling. Activity is not currently permitted on the Pinkston basin.

There is one exception to accessing the water at Pinkston which has been approved by senior council officials and the Police; that is that the Outdoor Resource Centre can access the water at Pinkston. I don't expect that many of you will be there with the current restrictions in place, but if you happen to be accessing your containers and see someone on the water it is likely to be them. Please give them a cheery wave. The ORC works with some of the most vulnerable children in our society who may be living in unsafe environments or are accommodated. The effects of restricted activity on them will be felt more strongly than by many. I completely understand the frustration we are all feeling about not being able to participate in the activities that are so important to us but I'm sure you will agree that the impact this will have on these young people is an important one.

Funding for the period in which we are closed

What can you do to help?

It is a difficult time, but I am confident that as a community we can get through this. And I am sure all of you will be keen to get back on the water when restrictions are lifted - I look forward to seeing you then!


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