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Whitewater Activities

Whitewater Activities

Our Artificial Whitewater Course is the only one in Scotland and is used by a variety of different kayak clubs, rescue services, and film crews throughout the year.

Live life in the fast lane and get involved!

Whitewater Kayaking

Whitewater 5 Week Progression Course

Our BRAND NEW 5 week Whitewater Progression Course is designed to get you confident on moving water. Our experienced whitewater coaches will teach you all the skills to master paddling a grade 2/3 river in just 5 short weeks. Get 10% off this course if you have been to any other session at Pinkston Watersports!

Whitewater Drop-In Coached Sessions

These Drop-In sessions will give you time on our Artificial Whitewater Course with experienced whitewater coaches. They will help you develop and practice skills on moving water!

Lots of local kayak clubs run whitewater sessions throughout the year here at Pinkston too.

Rescue Services

If you are a rescue service (fire, ambulance, mountain rescue, coastguard, etc) looking for somewhere safe and controlled to practice water rescues and manoeuvres - then please get in touch.

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Film Crews

Lots of exciting film and tv crews have used Pinkston's whitewater course as a location. The rate and amount of water flowing down the course can be altered - making it ideal for filming. Get in touch if you'd like to use Pinskton as a film location at

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