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Homework Club at Pinkston

At Pinkston we are excited to be working with the Bethany Christian Trust and Queens Cross Housing to offer this Homework club to a group of young people from Hillhead Highschool.

This pilot is running between the Easter and Summer holidays to use the facilities at Pinkston as a positive focus for young people that will impact on life more widely.  Our ethos at Pinkston is strongly embedded in the belief that outdoor activity and sport can have an impact on all aspects of life - including their mental and physical health, resilience, confidence, team-working skills and motivation.  It has been very exciting seeing the response these young people have had to the sessions on the water - we can only hope that we manage to have a similar positive impact on the homework side of things!

The idea behind the homework club came from a gathering of a group of people who have the same belief - and from a wide range of professional backgrounds including The Scottish Canoe Association, Glenmore Lodge, Blairvadach Outdoor Centre, Queens Cross Housing, NG Homes, Active Schools, Bethany Christian Trust, and Glasgow Kelvin College.  There was a clear motivation in this group to make canoeing and kayaking more accessible - and there were the pieces there to make this possible at a minimal cost to young people by tying this in with the development of young coaches and volunteers.  Round the table we had representatives from groups looking for coaching opportunities, groups looking for opportunities to take part, and the support of Queens Cross Housing in offering transport.  This pilot project is the first step in bringing together these pieces to promote opportunities to take part in paddlesports, develop skills, and for young people to build skills through volunteering that will help them as they pursue careers in whatever field they chose.  During and following on from this project we are looking to find ways to support a clear volunteering project at Pinkston that will allow us to support volunteer coaches from youth organisations (similar to the Pinkston Paddlers for those who remember this), as well as link other volunteer coaches with community groups who are hoping to access the water.  Watch this space to see how it develops!

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